No Jobs

Unemployment is seen as the leading cause of the problems in smaller Canadian cities. However, unemployment is just a symptom of underlying economic problems. This is the basic weakness of job creation programs. In fact, jobs should be being created easily.

Economic growth needs the right conditions. Most of these conditions are very elementary, and quite easy and inexpensive to provide:

– cheap space,

– flexible space,

– low transport costs and time,

– other businesses nearby,

– high density of residents and workplaces nearby,

– a light regulatory burden,

– presence of places to sell small batches of goods or services,

– credit

These are the conditions present in most developing cities, and once were present in Canadian cities. Ironically the more difficult to provide conditions are the ones that Canadian cities do currently provide:

– a safe environment

– reliable infrastructure (energy, clean water, etc.)

– good healthcare,

– an educated workforce,

– clean government,

– rule of law,

– etc.

All Canadian cities provide these second conditions in abundance. While some may be debatable in some cities, some of the time, on a broad scale and over the long term they are present in all Canadian cities. They will not be discussed more, except in passing. What Canadian cities must concentrate on providing is the first list of conditions. When combined with the exiting strengths of Canadian cities, our cities will be unstoppable.

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