Someone Stole My Manifesto!

Well, actually, David Greusel wrote it, and two years ago. I found out about it through the AMAZING blog “Raise the Hammer” about Hamilton (hometown!). The document is a ‘manifesto’ on ChangeThis. Here’s the link to his Legalize Neighborhoods Again! manifesto. To my credit I must say that I was thinking those exact things back then. But he wrote it, and wrote it well. He points out the two big evils of the past half century of city building (zoning and traffic planning). Here’s what he recommends, and what I concur with:

1. Get rid of zoning

2. Prioritize traffic planning for pedestrians, then public transit, then bikes, and only then cars

Here’s what he says makes real neighbourhoods (and which he probably lifted from Jane Jacobs):

“To be a healthier, more effective human environment, neighborhoods need to have the following: Density, Activity, Diversity, Ambiguity, Vitality, Flexibility, Public Space”

PS> I’ll put more on Jacobs and Henry later today!

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  1. Thanks for quoting my manifesto! I can tell from your short summary of it that you get it! If enough good people like you link your blogs to the changethis website, we can move my manifesto to the top of the list. Thanks for your support.


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