The saddest city in the midwest…

This is just about the saddest collection of pictures you can see. Overwhelming sometimes – how people can waste such riches: The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

I was asked recently by someone returning (shell-shocked) from Detroit – what would I change? …I think Detroit presents a whole series of reinforcing problems (these are my opinions, some of which can be found elsewhere on this blog): (more…)

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Transit Users’ Co-op?

I lay unable to sleep (how often to blog entries begin thus?), brooding on how tedious and soul-destroying taking the TTC can be; on how frustrating it is that mass-transit is rarely given a fighting chance; on how most transit plans (including recent) pander to voters who don’t use it. Then it struck me: we need an organization similar to the CAA for transit users! Not (merely) an advocacy or industry group, but a “Member-driven organization that delivers quality transit, [travel, insurance and advocacy] services providing peace of mind, safety and value.” (adapted from CAA, 2007) (more…)

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