By George!

I’m not sure where I first heard of Henry George. Probably browsing some urban related website. He’s usually introduced as the best-selling economist of all time (not counting Marx – forcing someone to get a book does not count). His most famous work is “Progress and Poverty”  of 1879, where he examines why despite enormous economic progress in the west, the number of destitute and poor increased as time went on. (more…)

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Pissing Against the Wind

Fight Sprawl

Everyone hates urban sprawl; this consensus has lead to many earnest efforts to stop it. These efforts include “smart growth” initiatives, greenbelts around cities, and proposals for intensification.In spite of  (or because of?) these efforts, sprawl continues unabated. Huh? (more…)

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Globe Garbage Tally Day 4

Well, it’s Saturday, and every Saturday the Globe inserts an entire Globe Toronto section (section M). This could be the Globe’s chance to redeem themselves after a week of garbage. Lets see what how they did. [more]

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No Jobs

Unemployment is seen as the leading cause of the problems in smaller Canadian cities. However, unemployment is just a symptom of underlying economic problems. This is the basic weakness of job creation programs. In fact, jobs should be being created easily. (more…)

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Just Garbage today..

Today’s Globe Toronto section included: [more]

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What is Happening?

Canada today is facing an urban problem unparalleled in its history. As urban problems go, this one has been commented on seldom, and studied less by academics. However, many, if not most Canadians are aware of it, and there is much effort being spent on tackling this problem by cities and citizens of those cities across the country. The problem is that small and medium-sized Canadian cities are stagnating or shrinking. (more…)

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First Day On the Job

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I showed up for my first day at not really knowing what to expect. Quite frankly surprised that they hired me. (more…)

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